1) Shopper marketing expertise
and solutions to brands and retailers

Shopper 3.0 is the global marketing and retail partner to ChocaByte. ChocaByte is the world’s first affordable and compact chocolate making appliance that uses innovative 3D printing technology to personally design and create your own premium chocolate at home.


2) Distribution solutions


ZapCap is a patented, watertight, electrical safety apparatus designed for encasing electrical cables and lines to protect the connections from exposure to water and wet areas. ECO entered into an agreement with ZapCap to assist in appointing distributors globally. http://www.zapcapsafety.com/

mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI) provides retail merchandising solutions that allow retailers to securely display, power and showcase a full spectrum of valuable consumer electronics such as cameras and mobile phones. Shopper 3.0 introduced MTI to our strategic partner Engagis to distribute MTI in Australia, NZ and Indonesia. http://vimeo.com/63122443


RTC BevTrac product features a spring-action glide system that keeps the product forward and front facing in store. Beverage manufacturers and retailers can optimise space and assure that customers can reach the product of their choice. ECO entered into an agreement with RTC to supply BevTrac in Australia & NZ through DOT Design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFhaRQ00n5k

3) Exit strategies and introductions for shopper marketing companies looking to sell their business

ECO has had considerable success in introducing Australian merchandising and marketing companies to potential acquirers.
Those introductions have resulted in a number of high profile and synergistic acquisitions being completed.


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